Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Wanderings - Derby Party 2015

We had a lovely little picnic and party for the Kentucky Derby this weekend. We had beautiful, if slightly chilly, weather for our picnic in Prospect Park, and it was a blast to dress up a bit and enjoy some delicious traditional derby food and drink.

It made me even more excited to head up to Saratoga later this summer! I've never been too much into horses, other than a few trail rides, but one of my cousins always loved watching the races, and even owned a race horse at one time. At his funeral, in lieu of flowers, his family asked for donations to a racehorse retirement center that he loved, so it was nice to feel a bit closer to him, too.

If you're planning your own race party one day in the future, you might enjoy making a few of the items Danielle made for us: Bourbon Balls, Pimento Cheese Dip, Cucumber and Watercress Sandwiches, and of course, Mint Juleps.

After the park, we all headed back to Danielle's house to watch some of the pre-show and the race itself. We each picked a different horse to root for, and the winner received a mini bottle of Wild Turkey. After the race, we threw a fashion show to display our hats, and the winner of that competition also won a mini-bottle of Wild Turkey.

We had such a blast! It was a great way to welcome spring, and hopefully we'll do it again next year, too!

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