Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Writer Wednesday - Celyn from Life is a Shoe

Celyn is a shoe and lifestyle blogger and most recently a shoe designer and entrepreneur. She first started her shoe blog and after some prodding from friends and family decided to create her very own shoe line together with her sister. She also writes about topics other that shoes on a daily basis. Celyn loves to travel (especially to places not many people go to usually), reads thrillers and some fantasy books, loves the beach and listens to all kinds of music especially electronic and classical. The only sports she likes are tennis and swimming.

Who are you? My name is Celyn and I am from the Philippines. I currently maintain two blogs: Life is a Shoe and Style and Chocolates. Other than writing for those two blogs, I also have my own Shoe Brand Called Sala Chaussures that I started with my sister. I have done some freelance writing about travels I have taken for a local newspaper.

Where can you be found online? Do you have a blog or other online receptacle for your work? If so, how would you describe it to a stranger you've just met while on vacation? Remember, you're in a hot tub with them on a clear cold night, stars twinkling above you. They want all the details. I first started with my shoe blog, Life is A Shoe, in 2009. At that time, fashion blogs were bursting around all over the place. At one point I even had the crazy notion that i wanted mine to be one - in the sense that I post my outfits on a daily basis and etc. But I was too shy to do that. I did not feel comfortable posing in front of the camera and sharing it publicly. I just knew I absolutely LOVED shoes. So I wrote and wrote just about shoes that I loved and mostly could not afford. Haha. Later on I realized that I also wanted to write about other things related to fashion and lifestyle and travel. I was thinking of integrating those topics into Life is a Shoe but then it got me to thinking: 'Wait, you know what, there are not that many blogs out there that are strictly dedicated to shoes.' I decided then  that I would keep mine as an all around SHOE blog. I did not want to dilute my content for the sake of getting a wider audience. Life is a Shoe was to remain a place in the World Wide Web where die-hard shoe lovers can go and get lost in all the fabulous footwear without the distraction of other topics.

With that set, I decided to start my second blog Style and Chocolates. It tackles topics mostly lifestyle in nature. Fashion that I like and also recipes that I share. I have recurring series like The Grilled Cheese Diaries, where I share different recipes and variations of the grilled cheese sandwich (because, I am totally obsessed with melted cheese). I also have another series in the blog, called Travel Tuesday, where I share travels that I have taken. I wanted Style and Chocolates to be sort of like a life style online magazine. Not about me and my outfits or whatever. I just really want to ultimately provide good content that my readers can relate to.

I have one last tiny corner in the online world : I recently started a new project called #Nofiltertravel. It is an instagram account where I post travel photos that have absolutely no filters and no edits. Two incidences made me start this. First, I was already following so many travel instagram accounts (beautiful destinations, earthpix and etc.) and they had the most gorgeous travel photos. I noticed though that a lot of these photos look like they were edited or photoshopped. And I thought to my self, these places don't look EXACTLY like this in real life do they? I mean nothing wrong with editing and beautifying your photos but I just think that some places in the world already look so beautiful on sight. The second instance was when I visited Armenia last May with my family. I took over two thousand photos, it was honestly one of the most stunning countries I have been too. All of the sights we visited just looked so good in the pictures! No need for edits or filters. I decided that I wanted to share them and all my other travel photos from the past online. And so No Filter Travel was born. I feature mostly my own travel photos and also of others. I ask my followers to hashtag their travel photos that have no filter or edits and I pick some randomly and feature it. I just really want to show the everyone that you do NOT need a filter for everything! The world is beautiful and I want to show all these gorgeous sights as one sees in the moment. No filter, no photoshop and no edits. Whew! That was pretty long! If I were really talking to a stranger now, then I must have been yapping his/her ear off already!

What inspired you to start blogging? When did it happen? I was really just inspired by shoes. I wanted to read about, write about and eventually design shoes. I then realized I also wanted to write about other topics related to fashion and lifestyle and food.

Why do you write? I write because I am interested in so many things! I sometimes feel like I don't have enough time to write about the things I like and love and also that others may like.

Your writing inspires me. Who inspires you? I have been following two shoe blogs for quite some time now : Amber from Shoeperwoman and Celine from The Shoe Girl Blog. They are some of the very few blogs out there where their topics concern mostly shoes. They are the ones that have inspired me to keep my content intact and about shoes. They are both hard core shoe lovers like me. Amber from Shoeperwoman writes a lot and also maintains more than one blog that contain different topics. I love her content and her writing! It's fun and easy and you feel like she's talking to you.

In keeping with the admittedly loose travel theme of Not Intent On Arriving, if you could have an all-expenses paid trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? Oh my! There are SO many places I want to go to. I want to say somewhere in South America because I have never been to that continent, to Bolivia or Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. BUT, since it's an all expenses paid trip and the one place I have been dying to go to will probably be the most expensive. Therefore I shall say Antarctica. I really like going to places that many people do not go to. There are already tour packages going around to visit this uninhabited continent and I am absolutely DYING to go! If not Antarctica, and provided it will be safe then another place I have been wanting to go to is Socotra Island in Yemen.

What is your favorite place on earth? My parent's house in the Philippines or anywhere in Paris! (I lived there for about ten months years and years ago and I miss it terribly. I would love to go back and spend some more time.)

Anything else you'd like us to know? Hmm, nothing really! If I start rattling more about myself then I might be writing about ten pages!

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