Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekday Wanderings - Coney Island Picnic

On Monday, we took a spontaneous after-work trip to Coney Island for a picnic. R. grabbed my bathing suit, our picnic blanket, and some leftovers for dinner, and we met up at the subway by the beach.

It turned out to be a little less idyllic than I was hoping—packed with people, noisy, strewn about with trash, cooler than expected on what had been a very hot day—so we likely won't try it again, at least in the summer. Maybe the Rockaways would be a little more peaceful. Hopefully Rhode Island, where we're going in August, will be.

But, I'm glad we did it. It's rare to do something so spontaneous on a weeknight for us, and it's just a small and easy way to add a little adventure into our lives. Last night, we went to a Mexican restaurant we'd never been to before, about a mile south of our apartment. Here's to trying new things!

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