Monday, August 10, 2015

Weekend Wanderings - The Konmari Method

This was our THIRD weekend in a row without any real plans and I think we're finally starting to get the hang out this relaxation thing. It was pretty glorious.

On Friday night, we went to Danielle's house to hang out with the kitten that I rescued/stole from my neighbor. (Um... she looked lost? And yes, I'm leaving him a note. And no, in the meantime, he doesn't seem too upset or anything.)

On Saturday, I decided to Konmari. Do you know about this? It is basically a super intense culling of your objects so that your house is tidy forever. Several friends have done it with pretty positive results, so I bought the e-book and devoured it in four train rides. You can read one of the many articles written about it to see how it works, but I found the in-depth detail of the book to be helpful, so it was definitely worth it for me.

This is my before pile, every item of clothing I own in this world, minus two coats and three gowns that are still at my parents' house. (I'm planning to keep the two coats and two of the three gowns.)

And this is my clothing life, post-Konmari. The clothes on the left are what I'm keeping (what bring me joy) and the clothes on the right are what I'm getting rid of. I've listed a few of the nicer things on eBay, but anything that doesn't sell will go to a clothing swap I'm hosting next weekend, and then ultimately to Housing Works.

I was surprised at how easy it was to start letting go of things, and I'm really looking forward to doing my books next. R. has started to curate one of our bookshelves, and because he has a way better eye for design than I do, it looks really beautiful. I'm shocked by how gorgeous it is every time I walk past it. I can't wait to see how nice our apartment looks when we're finally done and have gotten rid of everything!

That evening, we went to a friend's party where they had delicious tacos and a beautiful apartment.

And yesterday, we headed to the Upper East Side for some incredible brunch at the Vinegar Factory, which is half grocery, half restaurant, and all amazing. Everything was delicious, but I would especially recommend their cheese blintzes.

We were meeting up with R.'s former-professor-turned-friend and her husband, and we all sat talking for more than two hours before they really needed to head out on the rest of their road trip. We hadn't seen them in two years, but it was as if no time had passed, and it was really the highlight of the weekend.

After saying goodbye to them, we headed to the Met to check out the Sargent show, which I fell in love with. If you'll be in New York and you love portraits (or early 20th century writers/artists/actors), you should absolutely check it out before it closes this fall. I'm definitely planning to go back and revisit it, hopefully on a less crowded day!

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