Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Gratituesday: Work Friends

I went out with some former coworkers two weeks ago, because one of them is moving to LA and we all wanted to get together before she left us forever. It reminded me of how grateful I am to work with amazing people, both at my old job and my new one. The fact that I still see friends from my last job at least once a month (and usually much more frequently) speaks to how great all these people are.

I've been lucky to be surrounded at work by people who are caring, professional, and creative. And if I happen to get a sunset sail or a bottle of champagne out of the deal, even better. It's absolutely the people who make an office, and I'm glad to say that both my offices have been awesome.

And Emily, congratulations on the move! You were an amazing Assistant Editor and are an incredible person, and I know you'll do brilliantly in California! (And wow, nice job to me for putting all those different tenses in one sentence. #editortipoftheday.)

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