Friday, September 11, 2015

Mad Men Exhibit

When I saw that the Museum of the Moving Image was hosting a Mad Men exhibition, and that it was closing on Labor Day weekend, I knew I needed to hightail it to Astoria and go see it.

Even though I still haven't seen the last season (I know, I know), I've loved the show since I first started watching it in 2008, and at various points, we've even been known to group-watch it, like we did in 2010, starting with this most excellent premier party, where we made the same menu Betty makes for her around-the-world dinner.


So, of course. Seeing the exhibit was fantastic. I was surprised that my favorite part was actually not the costumes, which were my favorite part of the show. They were very cool, don't get me wrong (especially Pete's!), but I found the wall text was a little slim, and overall, the costumes in person just weren't as impressive as the sets.

They had two walk-in sets available, the Draper kitchen and Don's first office, and both of them were really breathtaking, especially the kitchen. Standing in the middle of each really felt magical. I was surprised by how in love I fell with them.

One other exhibit had one of the secretary's desks on display, and even though it was background during the show, the amount of effort and detail that was put into it was incredible. Although I could have used more wall text and guidance through the exhibit, overall, it was really fantastic to see so many things I remembered from the show up close. The details were so impressive, and I'm so glad I got the chance to see all these items before it closed.

And, if you go to the museum, which you should, stop by Queens Comfort for brunch afterward. It's seriously my favorite brunch in all of New York City. I've never had sausage and biscuits like theirs before, and everything else is amazing, too!

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