Friday, September 4, 2015

Monthly Spending in August 2015

Net Worth Change from Previous Month: -4.3%
Total Spent: $365.44

Well the market has been a roller coaster, huh? I finished out August down a little under 4%, which is much better than I was doing on the 24th (about 10% down). I'm not too worried, since I won't be using any of that money any time soon, but I do have money for a one-day down payment on a house in a few mutual funds, so it made me think a bit about when the right time will be to move that into a more secure place. (Answer: closer to when we're going to buy a house, hopefully on an upswing.)

Budget wise, though, August worked out pretty well! I was nearly out of the red on my Travel line, thanks in large part of some "freelance" income that came from selling items I no longer need on eBay. I've been Konmari-ing, so I've had plenty to get rid of, and selling things on the site was a very easy way to bring in a little extra cash. I also got a $25 coupon for selling things, that I was able to use on a vintage sweater I've been longing for, so it was a win all around. The $62 in business services went to that - eBay fees, shipping fees, and packing materials.

I spent some money on traveling to Rhode Island for a weekend with my parents (I'll write a post about that trip soon), so that covers the Travel and Auto budgets. I bought some quilting supplies to make a gift for a new baby a friend is having, and the rest went, of course, to going out for food and drinks with friends.

In September, I'll be on a rather tight budget. I'm going to a friend's wedding, which I'm so excited for, but which will also be a bit costly, and I've joined the gym at work, where I'm hoping to take a tennis class (for which I will need to purchase shoes, a tennis racket, and balls). Between those three things, that takes care of my entire budget for the month (and then some). I may end up taking out a bit extra, just so I have the option of sometimes meeting a friend for a drink, but we'll see.

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