Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Weekend Wanderings - Charlestown, RI

You might remember that my family and I used to go to Rhode Island every summer when I was a child. I was there for a day with Shelby last summer, but I haven't been back with my family since 2004, and Roger and I have never gone together (not for want of trying; this was our third attempt at a trip).

So, when my parents told me they were renting a house in Charlestown for the week with my mother's best friend, Liz, I knew I wanted to go, and invited myself (and Roger) along for a long weekend at the beginning of their stay. We arrived in the afternoon on Saturday, August 22nd, and after checking out the cute cottage they'd rented (it had a beautiful outdoor shower and a deck on the roof!), we hit the beach, which was beautiful. The water was much warmer than it was the last time we'd gone swimming back in June!

We had dinner at Captain Jack's, because the Matunuck Oyster Bar, which is supposed to be amazing, was packed. The clam cakes at Captain Jack's were really, really delicious, but the lobster roll was nothing to write home about. My parents later ate at the Sea Goose, and said that was a much better choice.

On Sunday morning, the weather was a bit drizzly, so we decided to head into Newport for the morning, and take a stroll on the cliff walk, see some mansions, and visit the shops in town. (We also hit up the Newport Fudgery, which has incredible fudge and really delicious elephant ears.)

On our way out, we saw this incredible kite, which must have been 20 foot long, and was set up by The Kite Company as an advertisement. It was really breathtaking to see it floating there.

And this very cool vintage car, which was not an advertisement for anything. I think.

That afternoon, Liz, Roger, and I headed back to the Charlestown beach, where we had some amazing storm clouds behind us, and an incredibly clear view to Block Island ahead of us.

That evening, we enjoyed a really excellent meal at 84 Tavern. All the food we had was incredible, and it was so good that we decided to go again the next night. (It's also across the street from the Amtrak station, and Roger and I needed to be dropped off on separate nights, so that helped the decision along.) We headed to Tropic Frost for ice cream (sadly, our favorite place, Around the Corner, was closed), and then drove Roger to the Amtrak station to say goodbye and see him off on his way home. Then, we headed back to the house to watch Fear the Walking Dead's premier!

On Monday morning, we headed to Wickford, a really beautiful little village filled with incredible historic houses. (More on those soon!) We wandered around with Ava, Liz's dog, and took a leisurely walk down to the docks and back. It was a super cute little town, and I don't think I'd ever been before, so it was nice to explore it for the first time.

We stopped at Watch Hill on our way back, and meandered through the shops along the bay.

It was a leisurely day, and then as I said before, we rounded out the evening back at 84 Tavern before I caught my train home. Overall, it was a beautiful weekend, and exactly what I needed as the summer was winding down. Thanks to my parents and Liz for letting us crash their party!

Next up: Take a look at some of my photos of historic houses from Wickford, RI.

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