Friday, October 30, 2015

Monthly Spending in October 2015

Net Worth Change from Previous Month: +10.3%
Total Spent: $485.80

I hope I'm not jinxing anything by posting a day early, but so far, October has been pretty good, money-wise. My funds are finally back up to where they were before the little hiccough a few months ago, and although I spent more than I was hoping to again this month, I was able to spend $200 less than last month, which is a good thing. I have a few friends doing a "no spend November" and while I won't be going quite that far, I'm hoping to reign things in a bit more again.

I'm still going back and paying down the categories that I'd refreshed once or twice, which still show up as red in my "all time" view on's budgets. In October, I cleared out my health and fitness budget ($27) and my shopping budget ($617), and started slowly working on my food budget (I put in an extra $111 this month). For the next few months, I'll be working on what's left: food ($1880), and "home," which is actually what "cash from the ATM" used to be filed under, and which was also mostly spent on food ($4,927). It's felt great to get some of these cleared up and know that I'll be able to really start fresh with an emergency fund and travel fund.

So, where did my money go? Weekends in Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Albany. Eating out at lunch time. $100 of it went to my alma mater's capital campaign, $50 went to joining a local historic house and doing a fun ghost tour there, $18 went to a really lovely wool sweater on eBay. It was more than I was hoping to spend, but it wasn't the worst. (I also spent an additional $100 in old birthday money on another round of tennis classes, and $1000 on a work trip, but those don't really count in my mind.)

I brought in about $80 from selling a few things on eBay and at Powells, which was nice extra money to have. As I mentioned earlier this week, I took on a big freelance project, and then a day after that, took on a second, smaller freelance project, so I'll likely not be selling things during the holidays, though we'll see. The income from those two projects will go a huge, huge way to creating an emergency fund, and I'm really excited for that. (Plus the projects I'm working on are a lot of fun, so it hardly feels like work!)

In November, I'll be back on the $300 cash budget. I have a few showers I'll need to travel for and get gifts for, along with a trip home for Thanksgiving, but I think I should be able to do it without too much trouble if I'm more conscientious about my lunch spending. We're also certainly going to buy our tickets to India, but we've already agreed to use credit card points for that, so that will be a fun new adventure. I don't think any of my freelance income will come in until December, but that's alright. We'll get there!

[ETA: Welp, I went ahead and jinxed myself, I guess, because those medical bills I mentioned a few months back came calling, and I ended up paying $170 on one of them today. But, hopefully I can get through the next 36 hours without any other major losses cropping up!]

How's your budget going? Did you meet any exciting goals this month?

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