Friday, October 2, 2015

Monthly Spending in September 2015

Net Worth Change from Previous Month: -3.3%
Total Spent: $619.00

My funds all took another hit last month, and I spent twice my budget, so September wasn't a great month as far as money goes.

But, here's something really exciting: this is the first month in years where I haven't been in the red in any categories, which feels sort of like a miracle! I finally "paid off" my travels, and now I'm going back and paying down the categories that I'd refreshed once or twice, which still show up as red in my "all time" view on's budgets. In September, I cleared out my travel budget, my auto budget ($207 deficit), my clothes budget ($200), and most of my health budget ($270 - I still have $28 left in there). For the next few months, I'll be working on what's left: shopping ($617), food ($1990), and "home," which is actually what "cash from the ATM" used to be filed under, and which was also mostly spent on food ($4,927).

So, why did I double my budget in September? Ugh, I don't know. A lot of things probably. The first and biggest being that I didn't stick to my cash budget this month and guys, using your credit card is SO easy. I had a couple big expenses (a wedding gift, and travel to and from; signing up for the gym for the semester, and then signing up for a tennis class which has been a blast and worth every penny; buying tickets to visit Philly this weekend), and then the rest was just being more flippant than I should have been with lunches out and a few small clothing/make up purchases.

I did bring in a bit of extra cash through a freelance job and some more eBay sales, which was good. I don't think I'll have that going forward this month, so that's something for me to be aware of. However, for October, I'm definitely going back to my strict cash-only budget, so hopefully that helps.

I've already spent $100 on a donation to my alma mater, and I'm going to be traveling for two weekends (to Philly and DC), so it might be tight, but I learned my lesson last month that cash-only is the way to go and I'm hoping to come in at budget this month. (The one exception to this might be if we buy tickets for our trip to India this month, which we very well might. That will definitely put us back in the red for travel for a month or two. But, I've been diligently saving in my smarty big for that, so it's temporary and that's okay with me.)

How's your budget going? Did you meet any exciting goals this month?


  1. our budget is going. Thankfully Luke just got his "big" school-year amount check (it is smaller during the summer), and it was more than expected- hoorah! Other than that, we had to replace a computer and some other life crap happened last month, resulting in less-than-stellar savings. This month we have the larger check and (hopefully!) fewer expenses, so I'm hoping we can get back on track!

    1. Having the bigger check should definitely help! It's annoying when life things get in the way, but hopefully you guys are enjoying the new computer.