Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Writer Wednesday - Veronica Zabczynski

I was really thrilled to find Veronica Zabczynski, a fellow poet, on The Financial Diet a few weeks after my own articles appeared there. Veronica is a freelance writer living in LA. Her poetry can be found in Extracts, Lost Coast Review, and Painted Bride Quarterly. She created the blog as a one woman attempt to make poetry cool again. When she isn't writing, she's binge watching television (All hail Netflix!) while cuddling her fiance and two dogs. Also, we share a love of Philadelphia in common, so you know she's a good one.

Who are you? I'm Veronica Zabczynski. I've been living in Los Angeles with my fiance and our two dogs for over a year now and I can now say that I definitely miss seasons. Fall, where art thou? I work as a freelance writer but when I'm not writing, I'm usually binge watching television. Right now, I'm pretty obsessed with The Good Wife. My other obsessions include: to do lists, champagne, coffee, red lipstick and white truffle oil.

Where can you be found online? My articles on wedding planning and other various aspects of my life can be found on, and I also started the site as an attempt to make poetry more mainstream. After spending 26 year of life having no close friends really read poetry, I decided to try to rebrand poetry. I try to write poems that can appeal to a wide audience and incorporate things in pop culture like television shows or social media. I think poetry can and should be able to be enjoyed by anyone. There is no need for poetry to only be written about nature.

What inspired you to start writing/blogging? When did it happen? It all happened fairly recently to be honest. I approached my writing career in a very old fashioned manner by mailing out submissions and looking down upon blogging. It wasn't until the past year or so that I realized bloggers were making living and reaching a wide audience by utilizing the internet. I stopped looking down upon capitalizing on the broad audience that the internet provides and I realized what a gift it is. Now, I'm in awe of poets like R. M. Drake and Tyler Knott, who have used social media platforms to grow audiences of hundred of thousands of followers.

Why do you write? I'm not really certain. It's something in my bones. I've written even since I was a little girl in many different forms, though I feel the most passionate about poetry. I think I'm just in love with the romance in storytelling and words.

Who inspires you? So many people! To be cliche, I love Sylvia Plath. She was the first poet I ever really became obsessed with. I'm also obsessed with Olena Kalytiak Davis and Richard Siken. I love any poetry that does confessional well. My one teacher always said that the more personal you make your writing, the more universal it is. I think this is true, as I'm always relating to the most personal writing I read. If you put a piece of yourself in whatever you write someone else will be able to see a piece of themselves too.

If you could have an all-expenses paid trip anywhere in the world, where would you go? That's a tough one! When moving from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, my fiance and I drove across the country. That was an amazing experience. Ever since, I've been on a kick to see all 50 states. I'm half way there. I would probably put the all-expenses paid trip towards another road trip with my fiance to see all our remaining states.

What is your favorite place on earth? Philadelphia. I grew up there and it's such an underrated city. It's smaller than other cities so the foot traffic is manageable. There's so much history and beauty there as well. It's a great little city.

Anything else you'd like us to know? Nope :)

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