Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

Hearty Thanksgiving greetings, friends! I hope this year has given you much to be grateful for, and that your stomachs and hearts are full today.

This image is a very favorite of mine, even though Ralph Waldo Emerson definitely did not write it, so I made a slight edit to it and hopefully will not get sued for that. It's still a lovely printable, which can be found here.

This year is the first of many where we didn't host our annual Friendsgiving potluck. Though I'm sad not to have had the time to do it, I'm so grateful for the things keeping us busy: interesting work projects, a healthier lifestyle, and seeing friends and family individually instead of in a big group.

I'm often overwhelmed by how lucky I am, and I try to remember to be gracious, to embody gratitude every day. But, I'm human and having a special day to remind myself, and to surround myself with family and friends, is always a good thing. And to anyone reading, please know that I'm grateful that you choose to spend time with me here, and for your community.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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