Friday, December 4, 2015

Monthly Spending in November 2015

Net Worth Change from Previous Month: +0%
Total Spent: $846.05

November wasn't a great month for spending. I ended up spending $172 on a medical bill that I was hoping would be covered by my insurance, who kept telling me the doctor was sort of in network. I also probably overspent a bit on gifts for friends ($167), but that's always worth it. I also went a little crazy at the Oxo sample sale ($56), but I'm glad to have a few new kitchen accessories, and some of that was gifts, too. And, you know. Way too much on food, of course. Part of that was for groceries, because we ran out of money in our joint account, and that's fine. But of course some of it was on meals out, and I'd really like to trim back a bit on that. I also bought tickets to see Fun Home ($122) with Danielle, which I'm really excited about, and she'll be paying me back for her ticket soon, so I'm not too worried there.

I'm still going back and paying down the categories that I'd refreshed once or twice, which still show up as red in my "all time" view on's budgets. In November, I chipped away at what's left: food (now $1,063, down from $1880), and "home," which is actually what "cash from the ATM" used to be filed under, and which was also mostly spent on food ($4,927). In December, I hope to eliminate both of them with some freelance money that is coming in. I know it will feel great to start over at $0. 

I didn't bring in any freelance income in November, though I did try to sell one coat on eBay. In December I'll start getting checks from my two bigger freelance projects, so that will be a really nice boon to our savings. 

I've already taken out my $300 in spending money for December, and in the first two days, I spent nearly half of it on Christmas gifts, so, not great, but fine. We'll see how well I can keep to the budget after this. And from last month, but we still haven't done it, so it stays: We're also certainly going to buy our tickets to India, but we've already agreed to use credit card points for that, so that will be a fun new adventure. Otherwise, I'm really looking forward to the holidays, while still trying to stay on track with our budget!

How's your budget going? Did you meet any exciting goals this month?

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