Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 Advent Calendar of Joy

This year, in lieu of an Advent calendar, I posted one thing each day on Facebook that was bringing me joy. Since today is Epiphany and the end of the twelve days of Christmas, I thought I'd share all of my posts here. If you'd like to share a thing or two that brought you joy this December, please go ahead in the comments!

December 1: Finding out I have one more tennis class left before the semester ends. A happy surprise!

December 2: Hearing a boat's fog horn off the river, drifting past the cars on the BQE and into my apartment. It was a rough day in some ways and the horn was a nice reminder that the water is never too far away.

December 3: The restaurant that allowed me to get pho AND bahn mi for lunch. And the great company I had while eating it. And, pork buns.

December 4: The way the sun hit a brick wall this afternoon, walking home from a coffee shop on a personal day. It was so bright that it almost looked like rose gold.

December 5: Eating some amazing latkes with friends this evening.

December 6: Having so many things bring me joy that I can't choose just one! (The warmth a good Jefferson email chain brings to my heart. Hearing Roger talking to the cat in the other room. Going to an Advent party at All Saints tonight.)

December 7: This very charming collection of classical holiday music. I love the "Indie Holiday" station on Pandora, too, but this feels a bit more festive to me right now.

December 8: Really, really fresh dried mango slices from the Park Slope Food Coop.

December 9: Rose-scented body wash.

December 10: Bumping into a dear friend on my way to work this morning.

December 11: The smell of boxwood.

December 12: Spending the afternoon with my favorite four-month old and her very cool parents.

December 13: Bumping into a friend from high school on the subway this morning. (I really love randomly seeing people. It makes the city feel a little smaller and friendlier.)

December 14: A lunchtime walk to do a little holiday shopping.

December 15: Putting together the Sarah Lawrence class notes and realizing how many amazing things all of us have done over the past few years.

December 16: A book club filled with wonderful, smart conversation (even though I never even opened this month's book).

December 17: How lucky I've been in my career so far, in lots of ways: universally intelligent coworkers, companies whose mission statements I believe in, salaries that have mostly let me live the life I want to live, challenging and interesting work of my own.

December 18: A lovely gift of Harney & Sons tea, which pairs really well with the accompanying b'day truffles from Milk Bar.

December 19: Composting in Red Hook. It was hard work, but also a lot of fun. And even better, picking our own lettuce, radishes, and beets afterward!

December 20: The Christmas Pageant at All Saints' this morning. It was the cutest thing I saw all weekend, and considering that I saw my favorite baby cousin on Saturday, that's A LOT of adorable.

December 21: Walnuts in maple yogurt for breakfast.

December 22: The influx of very sweet holiday cards I just got in my mailbox. So many of them featured beloved pets this year!

December 23: Meeting the newest member of my friend-family. It was a beautiful, emotional day.

December 24: Celebrating Christmas Eve the same way I have for all 29 of my Christmases: with family, love, warmth, and a lot of seafood!

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