Friday, January 29, 2016

New Years in Montpelier, VT - Part 2

Thursday, December 31, 2015

On New Year's Eve morning, we headed in to a local coffeeshop, where we saw this adorable pumpkin and enjoyed breakfast sandwiches.

Cece and Owen drove up from New York and met us at the Coop to buy a few more supplies for the evening, and then we all hung out at James's house and waited for Christine and her sister Joelle to arrive.

We also did a little shoveling/playing with the snow:

Christine and Joelle, after digging their car out from the road near their aunt's house, arrived that afternoon, and we all met up at the Three Penny Taproom for lunch. They have a great beer selection and their cheese soup and grilled cheese were both delicious.

We all bought a ton of beer and cider, and spent most of New Years Eve drinking by the fire, playing games, and catching up. The whole group of Jeffersons hadn't been together since graduation in 2010, so it was pretty amazing to see everyone together again. We all talked about our goals for the new year and how 2015 had gone. It was a ton of fun.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and so did this amazing, restorative trip. In the morning, I snapped a few shots of my favorite people, including Emily, who somehow managed to not be in a single picture I took until this one:

This is one of my favorites from the trip. Back in 2009, Cece painting portraits of all of the Jeffersons to hang up in their dining room. After graduation, no one knew what happened to them, and I guess the last time we saw Christine, one of us mentioned it. Lo and behold, they were in Christine's childhood home, and she brought them to Vermont to surprise everyone. It was pretty magical:

It was hard to say goodbye, but there is a certain wedding coming up this summer where we'll all be together again. I can't wait to see everyone, because if it's even half as much fun as this trip (and I'm betting it will be double the fun!), then we're all going to have an amazing time!

Thanks for letting us ring in 2016 with you, James and Emily! This is going to be a big year for you and I hope we can celebrate many more New Years with you both!

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