Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day 2016

I hope that wherever you are, you're taking a bit of time today to be outside. I spend a fair amount of time wishing we had easier access to "real nature" because it's easy to forget how wonderful our parks are, even when they're crowded with people. (And in these early warm days, they're very crowded with people.)

But today I spent some time in Washington Square Park at lunch enjoying the sun and the people watching. One day, I'll be close to real nature, and maybe I'll miss these lunchtime adventures. It was, after all, pretty incredible to spend a half hour listening to Coyote and Crow, a fantastic duo from the North Country.

I especially loved watching this couple dancing:

I think a lot about how to get people to care about the earth, how to make everyone realize that we're playing a long game here and have to think about more than just ourselves and the convenience of a Keurig. I'm doubt that all my prodding does much, but I think that spending time outside can help, even in a city, even with the crowds.

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  1. Given that most days I try to spend as much time outside as possible it's pretty funny that I was inside for most of Earth Day - I'm totally with you on the power of fresh air though, even in a city :)