Friday, April 1, 2016

Monthly Spending in March 2016

Net Worth Change from Previous Month: 7.9%
Total Spent: $4123.84 (yikes!)

Okay, I know that after looking at January (and February, which I never posted, but the short of it is that I spent $1903—mostly on/in India—and made $2908), this spending seems pretty insane. And it is, but also some of it is explainable. I spent a lot of it in India (a little over $1000), and I had saved up for that, so I feel absolutely no guilt at all, and in fact actually spent about $1000 less than I had planned for. Another $1200 went to an AirBnB for friends in Vermont this summer, and I'll eventually be reimbursed for all but $150 of that. And then a final $1100 or so went to paying my state taxes, which was mostly cancelled out by getting a federal refund, too.

So, instead of the $300 that I like to budget for, I still ended up spending around $900. What on? I don't even know, guys. Applying to grad school and taking a math class to improve my application was about $250 of that. I signed up to run one of my favorite races again this year ($35). We visited our parents for Easter and brought a fancy cake from Grand Central ($50). I bought some clothes, new and used ($100). I bought too much food out, of course ($225). I wasn't perfect, but no one ever is. Here's to trying a bit harder in April!

More freelance checks came in this month, which was great, of course. I have one more due next week, and then I'm afraid that if I want more money, I'm going to have to get myself some more work. I've enjoyed taking a bit of time off and I'm really waiting to hear back from grad school before I jump into anything else, but I do hope I'll be able to take on a few more projects soon. Much of it went into savings, and my emergency fund is now 95% full. I am hopeful that it will be at 100% for my next report, and I'm really looking forward to that! I'm also a little more than 50% of the way done with my puppy fund, and I put in the $1000 I didn't spend in India right back in a new travel fund. I like to keep about $3000 in there, so there's still a ways to go on it, but 1/3 isn't too bad.

For April, I am planning to take out $75 each week again, since that seems to work much better for me than cards or taking it all out at once. There's kind of a lot I want to do this month, and I'm pretty sure I can't fit it all in for $300, so we'll see what makes it in and what doesn't. I'm heading up to Albany this weekend to meet Shelby's beautiful new daughter, Violet; I'd like to get a haircut, and I'd also like to buy both prescription sunglasses and contacts, but I may only get one and save the other for May. I guess that's the more responsible thing to do...

How's your budget going? Did you meet any exciting goals this month?

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