Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Weekend 2016

The summer solstice is today, and it's also the strawberry moon. I love this. It makes me feel so connected and whole, even though I'm in New York City, a place that sometimes leaves me feeling far apart from the world. This year on our anniversary, I'd really like to finally see Manhattanhenge. But in the meantime, a full moon on the solstice sounds pretty wonderful.

Many years ago, my friend Emily's grandfather took us to see some stone chambers on a winter solstice hike, to watch the setting (or was it rising?) sun make its way into the back of the chamber. We stood in a circle and spoke, maybe about what we were grateful for? I'm grateful to have had that moment, and all the other weird, wonderful, connected moments of my childhood.

Not so many years ago, in 2012, I went to a friend's Super Bowl party and her sister, only a year ahead of me in high school but someone I'd never really spent much time with, chatted with me for most of the party. I felt so connected to her. She mentioned reading an article in the New York Times about stone chambers, and I told her about that solstice so many years ago. She sent me the article. I haven't seen her since, but in my heart, everyone I grew up with is still holding hands, still slow dancing in the school gym. I'm grateful for that, too.

I spent the weekend at my parents' house, helping them ready it for sale in a few months. I would have expected to be disappointed, lately, at working with them all the time, and not just going out for dinners and relaxing, but it feels good to have something to do. To be productive and moving about. We painted the room that was once my bedroom in my favorite color and I scanned in some old family photos (see above).

Driving to the train station to slowly, slowly make our way home, the moon was exquisite.

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