Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Florida Trip 2016

A somewhat strange thing is that I have been to Florida four times since starting this blog, but this is the very first time I'm actually writing about it. Just kidding—apparently I wrote briefly about two of those trips (one was a family trip to Disney at Christmas time and the other was for the Disney Marathon in 2015) and fully about one of them, to Key West. Not sure why it always ends up that way, but I was determined to say a bit here about our long weekend!

On Thursday, we took a 6am flight down to Orlando, and around 9am, my parents had already driven us to their house, where we were welcomed with this beautiful mosaic:

Then, one of the first things we saw out in the canal on their backyard was a pair of dolphins swimming. It was pretty incredible. Roger and I took out their kayak and paddled around a bit on the canal off their back deck, which was quiet and lovely.

Later, we took my parents' boat out to explore the canals further, even though it was having some engine trouble:

On Friday, we spent a fair amount of time driving around the neighborhood, and went on a longer drive to get paint for the accents in the living room and kitchen. We stopped very briefly at a beach. I cannot wait to come back and spend some actual time on the beach again soon.

On Saturday, we headed over to Disney World, where my sister works, and enjoyed dinner and some of the rides in the Animal Kingdom. I really enjoy how nonplussed Roger looks in this photo. (And I really hate loud noises.)

Sunday we dedicated to painting and other little repairs. The colors we picked turned out really beautifully, and we managed to paint everything we'd set out to paint pretty quickly. It's amazing how fast projects like this go when you have four people working on them. And, I'll be honest, Roger is a champion painter and really worked his butt off on it.

On Monday, the boat repairman came and fixed the boat, so we decided to take it out for a spin. Unfortunately, it started raining just a few minutes after we got out there, so we had to turn back. Next time, Florida!

We did a few more small repairs (changing out the closet doors, clearing out the garage), and then made our way to the airport to head home. The trip went by far too quickly, but I'm so excited to return one day soon (hopefully in cooler weather)! The next time we visit, the kitchen should be done, and I know it's going to be really gorgeous. I'm sad that soon, my parents won't be just an hour train ride away, but I know they'll be very happy there, and I can't wait to have a permanent vacation home just ten minutes from the beach!

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