Friday, July 1, 2016

Weekend Wanderings - Danielle's Birthday at the Beach

A few weekends ago on June 11th, we headed to Jacob Riis Park to celebrate Danielle's birthday and take in some sun. I'll be real: the forecast called for rain and it was a little windy when we first arrived. The five of us who traveled in together huddled for warmth, not knowing if we'd made the right choice to continue.

But, before too long, other guests joined us and the sun came out! It was still too cold for swimming (although a few members of the group did take a quick dip), but the weather turned out to be that perfect early summer beach weather that makes picnicking so wonderful. Danielle's dad even joined us and brought a tremendous (and tremendously good) cake!

The beach is usually pretty quiet, as far as NYC beaches go, and so it's one of my favorites in the area. Plus, on weekends, they have a great little bazaar with lots of food stands and live music. It's a lot of fun!

After a beautiful day at the beach, a few of us continued the adventure at Athena, a really great Greek restaurant in our neighborhood. So glad to have celebrated Danielle in this way, and I can't wait for next year's beach trip!

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