Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sad Don Draper Watching The Wilderness Downtown

Crazy that this was five years ago, isn't it?

It feels so emblematic of that moment. I remember 2010 like the back of my hand. I was living at home, we had a party for the premier of the show in my parents' living room. I used my grandmother's china.

And The Suburbs—maybe the last album I loved—and this video, oh it was the coolest, most nostalgia-inducing thing you could think of, for a girl from the suburbs back in the suburbs for a temporary stay. So strange, now, to feel nostalgia for something that made me feel nostalgic.

When I was in fourth grade, I had a calendar that said, "Just remember, one day, these will be the good old days." I suppose the good old days always have been a bit dubious. In any event, I've been thinking a lot about this meme, what its individual components meant to me then, mean to me now. I think of it often, like so many other things from the past. I suspect, five years hence, I shall be feeling the same way about Pokemon Go.

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