Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Life Inland

I'm so excited to announce that Roger and I will be moving to the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire next month! I've loved living in New York City for the last half decade, and I know there's a lot I'll miss about this place, but I'm thrilled to be leaving for a new adventure in a way I've never really felt before.

I was heartbroken to leave Manhattan two years ago, when we made the move to Brooklyn. Even then, I was shocked at how sad I was over it. But leaving Brooklyn feels right. This neighborhood has been kind to us. Our neighbors are so friendly, the people in my building all have a big group text message chain going, and we're within walking distance to almost all of my friends in this city. Our apartment here is gorgeous, truly second only to the 19th century woodframe I inhabited for a year after college in beauty of living space. It is huge, filled with light, and absolutely perfect for all the parties we've thrown in it. Sometimes in the morning, you can hear boats in the harbor, something I could never say about our little island life in Manhattan. I may miss being this close to the ocean most of all.

But I'm ready for the next step, and as someone who is never ready to leave anything behind, this feels monumental. We've had a good life in this city, but it's not without its struggles. For every free movie screening and amazing cooperative grocery store, there's been cat calling and worries about finance. In the end, living here hasn't been a completely sustainable choice for us, and I'm thrilled to be moving on to a new adventure. I've joked with friends that living in Brooklyn, I've been preparing for rural life because there are no affordable gyms or good grocery stores or nice restaurants very close to our apartment. That's an exaggeration, of course, but we really have become homebodies in the last two years, and I think that the Upper Valley will suit us. I'm hoping this move will help relieve some of my stress and help me connect more with nature and my own body. Most of all, maybe, I'm hoping to start writing again, something that I've woefully neglected since graduation.

I know we're closing a door on one part of our lives, but unlike most transitions I've made, I'm really looking forward and keeping my eye on all the good that's about to come. Now, we just need to find an apartment and buy a car. Wish me luck!

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