Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What Fictional Characters Are You Most Like?

The ever-brilliant Liz posted this question, along with three photos, on Facebook today. I stepped on a (live) mouse this morning with my bare foot and it sort of set the tone for the whole day so far. I've been packing like a madwoman (as anyone on Snapchat can probably tell you) for the last few days, and the longer I do it, the harder it is to keep up momentum. Plus my heel kind of hurts from running and--oh yeah, I stepped on a mouse this morning!

Anyway, this little meme was a much needed distraction just now, so I wanted to share with you my selections for myself. Sadly, though I may wish to emulate them, I'm just no Jenny Cavilleri, Charlotte York, or Elle Woods. Instead, I think I'm more a:

Jo March and

Hermione Granger combination,

with a very healthy side of Liz Lemon.

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