Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Hiking in Holderness

On Halloween weekend this year, Dave came up from Boston and stayed at our place so we could catch up and try a little bit of hiking in New Hampshire. We (incorrectly) expected him to be late, so we ended up being the late ones to meet him, since we spent most of that Saturday running errands and finishing up the last of our storage trips. So, Saturday was a little shorter than it could have been, but we enjoyed a nice meal at Harpoon Brewery and then Roger and Dave played a board game while I literally dozed off at the table.

On Sunday morning, we took a longer drive out to Holderness, NH to do a little bit of hiking on Squam Lake. The first trail we took, the Old Bridle Path up West Rattlesnake Mountain, was super short and had a really gorgeous pay off at the top:

It was a pretty ideal hike for anyone who wants a fast, relatively easy hike to start off with, and would be a nice spot for a picnic, if perhaps a little crowded at the top.

Since it was such a quick hike, we ended up walking down the other side of the mountain via the Pasture Trail and then did the Five Fingers Point loop before taking the Undercut Path back to the parking lot.

After the hike, we had a late lunch at Walter's Basin, which we thought was going to be a real dive bar, but which turned out to be a pretty nice and very tasty restaurant. After that, Dave made his way back to Boston, and we headed out on back roads to get home.

Definitely one of my favorite weekends since moving to Vermont! I can't wait to explore more trails this winter!

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