Thursday, December 8, 2016

Black Friday Hike on Turkey Mountain

Have I mentioned that I like to keep things the same?

In keeping with tradition, the day after Thanksgiving I took an #optoutside hike with Cece and Roger. This year, we decided to check out Turkey Mountain in honor of the delicious bird we'd devoured just 24 hours prior.

It's a fantastic, not too strenuous hike, and it's a loop back to the parking lot, which I love, because it means you're always seeing something new. Pretty much the perfect post-Thanksgiving hike, considering how full our bellies still were from the meal before.

That evening, Alisha organized another great get-together of some friends from high school. It was such a blast to see them, and a highlight of the evening was telling everyone about our engagement, making us the third couple at the table to get engaged this year!

I also really loved using Amy's lipstick. You can now purchase it for me for Christmas if you'd like.

On Saturday, Roger and I took a drive up to Green Chimneys to visit with some of their farm animals. A delight!

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