Monday, December 5, 2016

We're Engaged!

It's official! Roger and I got engaged on November 13th!

We've had a lot of really perfect weekends lately, with beautiful hiking and leaf peeping and meals out, so I think it's pretty funny that before getting engaged, we spent an otherwise completely normal weekend together. Saturday was all about running errands, and on Sunday, we went up to Northfield for the Darn Tough sample sale and brunch with James and Emily and some of their friends. In the afternoon, we went to our first meeting of the West Fairlee Community Club, a social club we joined after moving here.

In the evening after dinner, we started talking about how now might be the right time to get engaged. We've been talking about it for ages (I really wanted to get engaged last winter in India, and we picked out the ring together this summer), and after talking about it this weekend, the timing felt perfect. Roger asked what my favorite memory of our relationship was, and I talked about the shooting star we saw when we first starting dating back in 2004. It was so bright and fiery, and although we were in a little group at the time, no one saw it but us, and it's something I've often thought back on since then. Sunday was the night before the supermoon, so we'd spent some time gazing at the moon on our drive that evening, and it felt like a sign from the stars.

Me, trying to take a cheeky photo of my engagement ring.

Since then, we've been slowly telling our family and friends, in person when we can, and it's been so nice to see how excited they all are for us, even if they expect us to have the whole wedding planned out already. When we finally announced it on Facebook a few days ago, the outpouring of love from everyone there was overwhelming! Although by this point we've been together for a substantial portion of our lives, I'm so excited to finally be marrying this person I've loved so deeply for so long. This feels like the exact right next step, and I can't wait for it, and for all the happy memories to come afterward.


  1. I love this very very very very VERY much. <3

  2. Congratulations to both of you from the North Idaho LOVEstead. Just had time to catch up from the post where I first met you last week. Looking forward to all your great news and travels in upcoming posts.

  3. I am so happy for you guys! Your ring is beautiful. I wish you a life full of love, happiness, and lots of adventures together.