Monday, January 9, 2017

Ice Skating Weekend

It was freezing this weekend! New York got a bunch of snow, and even Florida was 55° out. Up here, it was between -5° and a balmy 15°. The cold got a bit of the better of us on Saturday, when we visited a potential wedding venue, went to the farmers market, and otherwise spent the rest of the day inside doing work and cooking.

On Sunday, though, we were a little better about getting out of the house. After church, we headed out for a delicious brunch, and chatted with the owner of the restaurant for a good 20 minutes, which was wonderful. (Going out to eat wasn't exactly the best for our Uber Frugal Month, but we're not doing terribly otherwise, and it was gratifying to get to meet a new neighbor.) Once we came home, we hit the ice outside our apartment!

We live right outside a lake, and this week, the resort on the lake "opened" it up for ice skating. Once the trails are all plowed, it's the longest outdoor ice skating track in the country. Some of the trails were opened up, and Roger explored a few of them, while I stuck mostly to the ice right outside the resort. Turns out, I am not any better at ice skating than I have ever been, and it's possible I am even worse than I was in the past. Roger kept saying it was really cold, but the sheer terror of A. falling and breaking a bone and B. falling through the ice and drowning kept me nice and cosy! I couldn't feel a thing over all my anxiety!

I do plan to keep at it, though. It seems like great exercise and even though I was terrible, I really enjoyed being outside and having a fun, free thing to do just outside my door. Hopefully by the end of the winter, I'll be able to at least glide a bit. And if any of you have any tips for how to get started, I'd love to hear them in the comments.

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