Friday, February 24, 2017

Weekend Wanderings: Ice Castles in Lincoln, NH

Two weekends ago, on February 12th, we went to Ice Castles! It's a tourist trap in New Hampshire! We drove there in a literal blizzard and spun out on the way home! This is all true, and honestly, it would have been underwhelming even on a beautiful day (and, I bet, crowded as hell—one godsend of going in the middle of a blizzard is that it was relatively empty, although there were still at least 15 people as crazy as we were). But during a blizzard? It was borderline insane.

And yet, having said that, I am still kind of glad we went. A lot of the time in my life, I have found myself thinking, I have enough stories. I would just like this trip to go well. But this time, I was all, it's cool. I guess that probably means I'm coming to terms with the craziness that is sometimes our wacky ideas. Roger is often suggesting fun things to do and I am often shutting them down because I am cheap or tired, which is not cool. This was a reminder that even the worst things we have done together usually turn out pretty great because we have done them together.

And, before this we had a killer good breakfast with the Montpelier/Barre HWS contingent at Down Home, and after this, Roger's bus home was cancelled and he got to stay in Vermont for an extra three days, so all in all: not the worst weekend. Plus, the ice slide was awesome and we got to go on it three times because no one else was around! If you're thinking of going, there are worse things you could waste $30 and some time on. If you have kids, probably they will really enjoy it.

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