Thursday, March 30, 2017

Weekend Wanderings: Maple Madness

Somehow, I hardly took a single photo this weekend! But, it was still a wonderful one. On Saturday, R. and I took the scenic route up to central Vermont to check out Maple Madness, an open-house festival all around Vermont where you can visit sugar houses and learn the process of turning sap into delicious maple syrup. We stopped for a tasty breakfast at the Rochester Cafe, since Sandy's Books was on spring break, and enjoyed the views from the back roads we were taking up to Randolph, VT.

Once there, our first stop was Brookfield Bees, a small sugar house (and apiary!) up a little dirt road. I was so glad to stop by there first, because Dan walked us through the entire process in detail before feeding us delicious maple cookies, hot cider, and maple on snow. It was great chatting with the owners and their neighbor, too, and we learned about the different ways of tapping trees, which can be done with buckets (like above) or through tubing that connects all of the trees to collect their sap.

After that, we stopped at Fat Toad Farm for some tasty goat milk caramel. We sampled a few of their flavors and then bought a bunch of smaller jars to put in our bridal party's gift baskets. (Shhhh!) Our last sweet stop for the day was Siloway Maple, a larger operation. It was interesting to see the differences between the larger sugar house and the smaller one, but seeing some of their similarities was also fascinating. For instance, both of them use wood fires to keep their sap boiling.

Afterward, we stopped at Worthy Burger for dinner. I wasn't starving after all the treats we'd enjoyed, so I just ordered fries, which were very tasty. I think Worthy Kitchen still holds my heart (oh, that brisket sandwich!), but this was also great.

Sunday was routine and lovely, with a nice run around the lake after church, and the evening spent chatting and hatching plans for the future.

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