Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Weekend Wanderings: Montpelier Art Weekend

I started this weekend off with a chilly morning run near our lake on Saturday. The 3 miles were very cold and I was definitely a bit sore, but it was a nice way to start the weekend and an auspicious start to half-marathon training!

Afterward, we headed up to Montpelier for lunch ahead of the opening for James's show, #nomophobia. The show was really great, and very cohesive, which I loved. If you're in Barre, it's worth taking a peek in at Studio Place Arts to see. You might even catch a glimpse of Roger and me in the opening installation! It was also great to see a bunch of friends from the area, along with James's father, Rob, and Dave, who all came in from out of town for it. We had dinner at Cornerstone and then played a card game that I loved, but couldn't stay awake for, called Oh Hell, near the fire.

The next morning, we all made a big breakfast before Rob and Dave headed back to Boston. The croissants from Bohemian Bakery were delicious! Roger, James, John, and I wandered around Montpelier, stopping by Bear Pond Books, the Get Up, and J Langdon Antiques, which had an excellent pith helmet that unfortunately did not fit me.

We also stopped by the Green Mountain Film Festival's VR salon and hung out with Island Land, a really interesting piece that stoked a conversation about VR for social justice purposes.

We headed back home after that and spent the evening doing taxes. It was as thrilling as it sounds, but overall, the weekend was a blast!

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