Thursday, July 6, 2017

Jack Rogers Platinum and Gold Sandals

I just bought my first ever pair of Jack Rogers sandals, ostensibly to wear to wedding-related events, but also to wear every day because they are super comfortable and very cute. I thought about buying these for a while before I made the full decision, and a thing that caused me some anxiety was what color to order.

Online, platinum and gold looked to be almost identical. Our wedding colors are navy and gold, and I do wear a lot of gold jewelry, but the only comment I could find on the issue was something along the lines of "I prefer the platinum because it matches both silver and gold jewelry." There wasn't really any advice out there otherwise, and I just couldn't decide.

So, of course, I ordered both colors. (Thanks for free return shipping, Nordstrom!) I just had to see for myself. Honestly, the difference is extremely slight, and you'll be happy no matter what color you get, but I think these photos show off the difference pretty well.

The gold is just slightly brassier and more noticeable than the platinum. If you're looking for something bold, go with the gold. The platinum is still definitely what I would consider in the gold family, but it's more muted and subtle, so if you're a little quieter in your fashion sense, you might prefer that.

Ultimately, I went with the platinum, since I feel like it's a little more versatile, and I'm very happy with my choice! They made their debut at my friend Gina's wedding in May, and even without having worn them before, they were comfortable for dancing the whole night away.

I also ordered an 8 and an 8.5, and I went with the 8. It felt a bit snug at first, but I assumed, correctly, that the leather would stretch a bit, so I'm pretty glad to have gone with the smaller size. I'm hoping to order a pair of their monogrammed loafers for the wedding, though, and I'll probably go with the 8.5 for that, since I feel like my toes might be a little cramped in these, if they were closed-toed.

Anyone here have a pair of Jacks? Any advice for first time buyers I'm missing?

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