Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wedding Wednesday - Office Bridal Shower

I have gotten so luck to have incredible coworkers at every job I've worked at, from my very first one as a lifeguard at Lake Secor to my current role in alumni relations at Dartmouth. Last week, at our annual retreat, I got a very special surprise with two of my coworkers: a mini bridal shower!

It's pretty funny that Jenn, Aubrey, and I all started within a week of each other (Jenn and I actually started on the same day), and all happen to be getting married this year. In fact, Jenn and I both got engaged in the same week! It's been so nice to get to know these awesome ladies, and to share some wedding planning tips and tricks between us.

After our normal retreat lunch and some team building activities, we came back inside for dessert, where the three of us were all surprised with this lovely cake and the sweetest gift: a beautiful recipe binder with recipes from each of our coworkers.

Coincidentally, we also all wore stripes that day!

It was so fun to look at all the recipes and see my awesome coworkers' personalities reflected in them. Connie, our "party planner of one" even included a recipe for chicken salad that was served at her own bridal shower! (I'm especially excited to make that!)

The binder is beautiful and covered in velour. It's such high quality that of course I had to ask where they got it, so if you're looking for something similar, Hallmark is the place to go! They were also kind enough to give us blank recipe cards, so I'm giving them to my bridesmaids to hand out at my bridal shower in September. It will be so nice to intermingle those two parts of my life in one book!

Thanks so much to everyone in AR for the wonderful shower. It was such a surprise and I'm so glad we got to celebrate with you!

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