Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Blogs

Oh, I miss the days of wedding bloggers! I started reading them in 2009, when my friend Allison got married. She was the first of my friends to get engaged, and I fell in love with A Practical Wedding and the community of smart women I found over there. I'm still in near-daily contact with many of them. It's one of the great joys of my life to have found such a brilliant community all through the power of the internet.

Today, though, no one is wedding blogging but me. I'm sure that's a vast exaggeration, and of course I know A Practical Wedding is still going very strong, but I haven't been reading it much in the last few years, and of course the women I met in 2009 have little reason to blog about their weddings now, eight years on.

I've been re-reading some older entries about marriage and wedding planning from some of my favorite bloggers. They don't, of course, all apply to us (one of the nice things about being an "older bride" as one of my coworkers called me the other day, is that I'm able to let go of a lot of things I know would have caused me stress a few years ago), but they're wonderful and comforting and a little bit of a blast from the past.

If you'd like to join me in a walk down memory lane, here are some of my favorites:

Better In Real Life - Lauren has always told it like it is, and reading her back entries has been such a joy. Now, I really appreciate her being honest about the moment when, upon entering their own wedding, they weren't sure what they were supposed to do, and how awkward it felt. Describing how we got engaged (and frankly, getting engaged) felt so awkward to me, and it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who isn't always sure how to behave in real life sometimes.

The Culinary Couple - Emily recorded their wedding planning process in such precise detail, and managed to make every bit of it sound joyful. This has been one of my favorite blogs for years and years, and the wedding planning posts are a wonderful way to get introduced to this wonderful family.

HitchDied - Robin is hilarious and approached wedding planning with a beautiful mix of empathy and hilarity. She also reviewed wedding movies, which was incredible, and then moved to South Africa after getting married and podcasted from there. I wish she still blogged, but I'm so happy to have her archives!

Let the Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore - E and J basically have my fantasy life, and reading about all the details of planning this incredible wedding was fantastic. I secretly dreamed that our wedding would look just like this. It won't, frankly, but I think I'm coming to terms with that. Life doesn't often look the way we want.

Elefantitas Alegres - Kate actually blogs over here, but she started that blog after recapping her wedding on EAD. It's another one of those beautiful weddings that look nothing like ours, and I appreciate how candid and fun she was about planning, and about their life post-marriage.

Hey Shaelyn - PSYCH! Shaelyn didn't blog about her wedding (that I know about...) but she had this amazing knack for blogging about the coolest stuff in the world. Read it even if you're not wedding planning!

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