Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Wedding Wednesday: My Nautical Bridal Shower

My bridal party, mother, and future mother-in-law threw me the most incredible bridal shower ever on September 16 at the Peekskill Brewery. I think this photo appropriately captures all the joy I felt that day:

They decided to host the shower at the brewery one of my favorite spots in Westchester, because it's delicious and also close to the train for everyone who was coming up from New York. When I walked in, I was greeted with beautiful nautical decorations, and told to wear this silly apron while I greeted everyone:

Which didn't last too long, as I took it off as soon as someone asked to take my photo. Ha! Little did I know, it was for a game later on, so I made things a bit more challenging for all the guests, who had to try to remember what was on the apron. I will say my only regret from the shower is that I completely forgot to ask for a photo with my bridal party, and with my mother and Sue. I'm so used to being the one with a camera that I completely forgot to ask for my own photos!

After greeting everyone and having a beer, we all sat down to a delicious lunch. I had the mac and cheese, which I am, frankly, still thinking about two weeks later!

As lunch was winding down, it was time for me to open the presents! I was absolutely stunned by how incredibly thoughtful and generous all of my friends and family were as far as getting us gifts to start this next chapter in our life together and help our new house feel like a home. One of my cousins gave me seeds from her grandfather's pear tree, which she told me was grown from seeds given to him as gift from our shared great-grandparents on his wedding day. My mother has been telling me we need to plant a tree on our property for this first year that we live there and get married, and so the pear seeds were truly one of the most thoughtful gifts I've ever received.

And of course there were so many other wonderful gifts as well: the softest sheets and towels you can imagine, cookbooks from my favorite chef-author, champagne and Mr. and Mrs. flutes, and an incredible set of high-end copper pots and pans from all the bridesmaids. Plus, every guest contributed a recipe to a recipe box, including some that reminded me so fully of my childhood I almost cried when I read through them a few days ago.

I will say that opening the gifts in front of a large group of people did feel a little awkward. I was never sure how to react or how much to say about each one, because I was so overwhelmed with gratitude and love for everyone there. And, of course I know that opening the gifts is often a little boring for the people watching, so I was trying to keep things moving fast at the same time. But, other than feeling a bit strange for about 20 minutes, everything about the shower was absolutely perfect and filled me with such joy.

The shower also felt like really good practice for the wedding, because it went so fast and I was left, of course, feeling like I just wanted to sit with everyone and chat with hours. I worked my way around each table and unfortunately didn't make it to the last one before everyone started to pack up and head out (sorry, Liz, Sue, and Roseanne!), so that was a reminder to try and make a better effort at the wedding and the events before and afterward.

Dessert was a delicious cannoli cake from Homestyle Bakery, decorated with the sweetest little nautical saying. A perfectly sweet ending to a perfect bridal shower!

Thank you so much, Shelby, Jill, Sarah, Molly, Mom, and Sue. You made me feel like a princess the whole day and I so appreciate all of the incredible time, effort, and creativity you put into giving me this incredible party. I love you all!

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