Friday, September 1, 2017

Business in Boston

After our trip to the Connecticut shore, I hitched a ride back to Boston with Rob and Dave so I could attend EduWeb 2017.

The conference was fantastic, and I really learned a ton of different things. I even got to practice some sketch noting! The conference had five different tracks and each had really fascinating panels. The highlight, for me, was a keynote on “Saving Social” by Nikki Sunstrum at UMichigan. I’ve admired their social media for a while now, but she’s a total powerhouse and it was so awesome to get to know her work a little more fully. You can follow her at @nikkisunstrum if you don’t already. She spoke a lot about how social media should be more innovative at colleges than anywhere else, because we have such access to brilliant people and ideas, and how we need to really add value—and not just noise—to our followers’ feeds/lives. She showed some examples from UMich, like their active shooter snap story and their IG campaign about sexual assault. It was so thought-provoking and really inspiring to see the real work that is coming out of there, in addition to the more standard social media fare. She talked for about 45 minutes and it felt like maybe 5 had passed.

I didn't take many photos, since I was at the conference for most of the time, but I did manage to fit in a few meals with Lianne, Emily, and Lauren, which was awesome. I also met some great new colleagues, and caught up with a bunch of my NYU folks.

I also got to explore a little bit of Cambridge and the Copley Square area, and it made me want to head back to Boston again soon!

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