Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Wedding Week

The week leading up to the wedding was hectic but fun!

On Sunday, October 15, we raked leaves all morning (oh, so many leaves! Poor Roger worked on them for days leading up to the wedding!), and then took a break by heading to our favorite used bookstore in the area, The Country Bookshop, to buy some books for our tables capes. We also met up with Emily and James for some must-needed Positive Pie!

On the evening of Monday, October 16, we enjoyed one last evening of "relaxation" before full-tilt wedding preparations, and dropped off the welcome bags we'd made for everyone at the hotels. I know these are kind of silly and superfluous, but I was really, really excited by them, and it constitutes the only craft I actually worked on myself. I bought the white bags and the blue tissue paper from Amazon, and stamped them myself with blue ink and a rubber stamp. We then filled each with water bottles, a map of the area and suggestions for fun things to do the morning of the wedding, and two of our favorite regional treats, Cloud Nine kettle corn and Big Picture Farm goat milk caramels

My parents, sister, and Courtney flew up from Florida on Tuesday, October 17 to help with wedding preparations, which mostly translated to some shopping for items for the weekend and cleaning up our house and property. Oh my god, they were such good sports, especially considering that the guest room, which needed a coat of paint on the ceiling and some cleaning up, looked like this when they arrived:

But they were absolutely vital to helping us out and making sure the whole space was in tip-top shape for Roger's bridal party, who spent the weekend in our house, and for everyone who was coming to visit for the welcome dinner and day-after brunch. 

On Tuesday night Jill, Courtney, my mother and I went to Nefertiti Nails to get manicures and pedicures for the big day. I'm a total convert to gel manicures and I'm going to be so sad not to have an excuse to keep splurging on them now that the bridal shower and wedding is over! I choose Essie's "Mademoiselle" color for my nails, which is very close to my natural color but made them look just a bit fancy, and "Really Red" for my toes, as an homage to the classic glamour I tried to cultivate in our wedding outfits. My mother and sister went with colors that matched their dresses (a lovely plum color for mom and a royal blue with gold party nail for Jill), while Courtney also did a natural beige.

essie mademoiselle bridal gel manicure

On Wednesday, October 18, we surprised my parents with a cooking class at King Arthur Flour. They've been getting into making their own bread and pizza dough, so we thought they'd like the Baguettes 101 class. We had such fun at the whoopie pie class we took last winter that even then, I thought, We should really get this for my parents as a thank you for the wedding. I think they had a blast! We were hoping that Jill and Courtney could also spend some time exploring the Upper Valley, but they ended up running more errands for us, like picking up Roger's pants from the tailor and getting last minute groceries. I honestly can't thank them enough for their help during the week. I don't know how we would have done it without this amazing crew.

On Thursday, October 19, I took a half day at work, and met up with Molly, who took the Dartmouth Coach up from Philadelphia (by way of New York). Once we got back to the house, we did a little more cleaning (Molly helped us rake up a ton more leaves), and then the whole group went for dinner at the Norwich Inn, where my mother and I realized we'd dressed like twins:

Then it was back to the house for one more sleep before our decorating extravaganza began!

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