Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Decorating the Dartmouth Skiway

The day before our wedding, on Friday, October 20, the Dartmouth Skiway let us start setting up the reception area at 8:00am sharp. My parents, sister, Courtney, Molly, and I arrived as soon as they opened with plenty of decorations in hand, while Roger went to pick up our beer order and handle last minute things at the house.

With all the candles, books, photos, and other ephemera, we had a very full truck:

Our plan was to put together two long tables on either side of the dance floor, along with a scattering of high top tables. All of our rentals came on time, and the caterer and bartender also came that morning to check in.

We didn't quite follow the above plan, but it was close, and we were so pleased with the set up. As you can see below, we moved the high tops to be around the dance floor, and put the cake table front and center.

Things actually went a lot quicker than I expected (many hands make light work), and we were finished with decorating by 11am. I'm so thankful to have had my family and Molly there. They are all much better at decor than I am, and also much better at staying calm under pressure, so they basically did everything while I kind of puttered around giving direction. The best decorating crew a gal could ever ask for!

The best part of the day, though, was when Roger came to drop off the beer, and we saw two moose making their way across the parking lot and up the ski slope! I've wanted to see a moose for ages (since there was one wandering around Mahopac when I was in college), and I finally got my wish. A good omen for our marriage, I think!

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