Friday, December 8, 2017

St. Nicholas Day 2017

Saint Nicholas Day was a little quieter this year than it has been in the past (2012 and 2014 seem to have been captured over here), because I've been a bit lazy with wrapping and it turned out we didn't want to eat any German food that evening, but it was still fun to mark the day with some citrus and a few gifts.

I actually gave R. most of his gifts that evening because of travel plans, so don't worry—it's not usually this big of a haul! As per tradition, it usually fits in a pair of slippers in the morning.

Our lives have been in such flux the last few years that it's fun to keep a few small traditions like this going. Now that we're more settled (though you wouldn't know it from how much work needs to be done on the house!), I'm looking forward to creating more routines around the holidays like this!

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