Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Vermont Welcome Dinner

Maybe it was crazy to host a big party at our house the night before our wedding, but uur guests came from all around the country, so we wanted to make sure they had a full weekend of fun activities to help us celebrate. Everyone was a great sport and braved the chilly temperatures in our barn and the terrors of Vermont pizza. It was a blast to see everyone!

Laura and Molly helped me surprise Roger by making this cheese cake, which I knew he'd really wanted to have at the wedding. They took a few pinterest images and made something delicious and beautiful! And, we got to use the baguettes that my parents had baked the day before at the King Arthur Flour cooking class that we'd gotten them as a thank you gift for all of their support throughout the wedding planning process. It was perfect!

I'm so glad we asked our good friend Madhumita Das to take photos of the evening! As I learned at my bridal shower, you're too busy during these events to remember to take photos yourself, and although I know we made her job difficult with the low lighting in the barn, I think she captured the party as it was and got some gorgeous images. I especially love this photo of my sister:

And, Jill was awesome enough to set up our guests with a custom Snapchat filter, an awesome nod to my love of social media:

Afterward, we headed back to the hotel, ready to become husband and wife!

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