Thursday, January 11, 2018

Christmas in Florida: Boxing Day on Merritt Island

The day after Christmas was very relaxing. We decided to try and use our Christmas leftovers in a new way, and made lobster rolls (Connecticut style and Maine style) with a nice side of fries for lunch.

We took my parents' boat out on the Indian River, and got very close to an island that had dozens and dozens of birds. They were magnificent to see: a whole rookery of spoonbills, and about eight turkey vultures fighting with each other on the beach.

A little further down was another island that we saw kayakers and one other pontoon boat on. My father had always wanted to dock the boat there and I guess my mother was too nervous (truth: I was also nervous about this plan!) but took advantage of us being there to try it out.

The island ended up being really cool. There were a few lizards, and it looks like people had set up fires there in the past. A big sandbar went out into the river and it was fun to explore a little.

That evening, we made pizzas in my parents' pizza oven, also using more leftovers. Who knew a shrimp scampi pizza could be so delicious?!

Next Up: Kayaking in the Everglades.

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