Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Christmas in Florida: Our First Married Christmas!

We celebrated our first married Christmas in Florida with my family, a delight! It had been a tremendously good year for us, and a warm, relaxing week was the perfect way to cap it off.

My parents made their traditional seven fishes feast, and invited over Don and Bet, two of their neighbors, to celebrate with us. The meal was delicious, especially the pompano, a fish that's native to Florida and new to all of us.

Best of all, my sister, Jill, was able to take Christmas Day off, so she came by after work on Christmas Eve and the four of us were able to spend Christmas together for the first time in four years! Wonderful!

Christmas Day was very relaxed. My mother brought Liz to the airport that morning, and then the five of us opened our presents (Jill got me the prettiest dress! I got everyone personalized candles as a half joke!). We all had a nice Christmas lunch, but now I can't remember for the life of me what was served.

Afterward, we took a while to visit the manatees near NASA. We saw so many of them and they were all very close. One day, I'd love to go back and bring a kayak!

Afterward, we headed to the Merritt Island Nature Reserve, where we saw even more wildlife, including spoonbills, an alligator, and even a wild boar!

Next Up: Boxing Day in Merritt Island

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