Monday, February 12, 2018

Family Portraits

We are so blessed to have an incredible family, and I'm so glad to have these wonderful portraits with them. Throughout the wedding planning process, everyone was incredibly kind and supportive with us, even when some of our decisions surprised them. From helping us get our house in tip top shape in the months before the wedding and planning an incredible bridal shower to making the entire wedding financially possible for us and helping calm our nerves leading up to it, this wedding was, in every way, a family affair, and we could not be more grateful to them.

After the ceremony, we also managed to get photos with our extended family, something that almost never happens. This was the first time my mother's side of the family has all been together in nearly twenty years, so it was a really special occasion.

And my father's side of the family all shared a big AirBnB to make it possible for everyone to come in from Pennsylvania for our wedding. Jessie and Duane even miraculously drove to and from in one day just to party with us for a few hours. We're so grateful:

Roger's uncle and his mother's best friend from childhood both traveled in from New York and not only was it wonderful to have them witness our special day, they also killed it on the dance floor.

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