Friday, February 9, 2018

Strike a Pose!

It's probably pretty obvious that I love photos, so making time to take posed photos with all of our family and friends was really important to me, and I built in lots of extra time in our schedule to make sure we got some good ones.

After taking some photos of just the two of us, we gathered the bridal party for some group shots.

We are so lucky to have such an incredible group of friends.

Shelby was the best maid of honor anyone could have asked for. We've been friends for well over half our lives (next October is our 20th anniversary), and there aren't words to express my gratitude for all she's done for and been to me over the decades.

My sister has grown so much over the last few years, and it was an honor for me to have her stand up with me as I got married. Throughout all our prep for the wedding, she was there for me, making wands for our flower children and perfectly decorating our reception venue.

Sarah has been my confidant since we met at Sarah Lawrence nearly 14 years ago. She's one of the smartest, hardest working women I know and just knowing her makes me a better person.

Since I first met her in Senegal, Molly has been the ultimate travel companion. She's level headed, kind hearted, and will do anything for her friends. She was all that and more as we were planning the wedding, and as Jill said, "she's the real MVP here."

Before we all met up, Roger also took formal photos with his groomsmen and our friends from Hobart and William Smith. I can't write Roger's love notes to his friends for him, but I know I speak for both of us when I say they are some of the most special people in our world. Even though I didn't go to college with this gang, they've always made me feel a part of things and I feel like we've all grown up together. If I had to share a three-bedroom house with any people in the world, it would be all of them.

I've always known we were luckier than most to have this incredible group of folks in our lives, but the wedding made me realize how truly they are our community, and how deeply there they are for us in everything we do. Although we all live up and down the east coast and don't get to see each other enough, we are so privileged to have them in our life.

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