Friday, March 9, 2018

Decoration Details

We decorated our wedding venue ourselves, so we kept our reception decor pretty simple, and I'm really glad we did. Honestly, no one remembers what wedding centerpieces look like anyway (or at least I don't), and so I was glad to keep it affordable and quick, while still capturing our personalities.

Plus we liked the raw space of the Dartmouth Skiway so much, we wanted to let that shine through:

One thing I was especially excited about was the backdrop to the favors/gift table, where we strung up photos from all of our guests' weddings as a surprise for them. It was the first thing people were greeted with, and many of the images were borrowed from Facebook or secretly given to us by children or grandchildren of the couple, so our guests didn't know they were being featured until they arrived.

I've always loved taking and sharing photos of my family and friends, so it felt fun and personal to include these. I also love giving gifts and while we couldn't get a personal gift for everyone, we thought it would be fun to do drink cozies, which is apparently a thing in New England, and to use them as name tags/help people find their beers.

We kept the centerpieces for the tables simple too, using candles, apothecary jars, books, and photos to decorate them, with just a bit of greenery that Roger picked up from the coop the morning before the wedding.

The weekend before the wedding, Roger and I headed up to one of our favorite used bookstores in Vermont and bought every book with "love," "marriage," or other wedding-related words in the titles. We put little signs up around mentioning that folks could take the books as a favor, too.

We also put wedding photos from our parents and grandparents (and one photo from Roger's great-great-grandparents, incredible!), as well as some of our engagement photos, out on the tables as conversation starters. With two long tables on either side of the dance floor, there was no assigned seating, but we did reserve a few spots for our parents in the center of each. Of course, the photos from Roger's family were on his parents' side, and the photos from mine were on theirs. It felt like a nice way to honor the people who couldn't be with us on this special day.

Overall, we didn't do anything too crazy, but it felt personal and helped give the room a nice, soft vibe.

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