Life List

I started this list at the end of January in 2006, with items 1-40.  Anything crossed off I've done, and anything in parentheses, I've realized I no longer want to do.  I'll be adding to and amending the list, but I was inspired by some others I've seen to start working on my own more publicly.  

Although I started this before I knew other people were doing it, I love the way a community has formed around the idea, and I'm always taking inspiration from the wonderful lists I read.  If you're searching for more inspiration, check out any one of these lovely people: Lauren, Brittany, and many more.  My friend Julia is even tracking her progress on my life listIf you want to follow my progress, you can see the entries under the tag Life List, and if you want to help with one of these, or think I can help with one of yours, let me know and we'll make it happen!

Attend a Black Tie Event, 2006

  1. Have a book published.
  2. (Get a PhD.) Get a terminal degree.
  3. (Fly a plane.)
  4. Pose nude.
  5. Have children.
  6. Get married.
  7. (Own more than one house.) Own a house.
  8. Be asked to read my poetry to an audience.
  9. Attend a black-tie event.
  10. Camp outdoors.
  11. Learn to cook.
  12. Translate something substantial from Latin.
  13. Speak fluent French in Paris.
  14. Eat at Rao’s.
  15. See the Great Wall.
  16. Go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
  17. Drive across America.
  18. Live outside of New York for at least six months.
  19. Sleep in a hammock.
  20. Drink absinthe.
  21. Be given a surprise party.
  22. Write the Great American Novel.
  23. Lose my virginity.
  24. Shave my head.
  25. Visit a concentration camp.
  26. Spend a night in a castle.
  27. Go to Russia.
  28. Fly first class for an entire flight.
  29. Own a piece of Chanel clothing
  30. Start a scholarship.
  31. Paint a landscape.
  32. Play Fur Elise on the piano in its entirety.
  33. Live completely isolated for one week.
  34. Sleep in an RV.
  35. Learn to surf.
  36. Own a cow.
  37. Plant a vegetable garden.
  38. Do my own taxes.
  39. Build a log cabin.
  40. Work in a historic house.
  41. Write and publish a book of poetry.
  42. Get a tattoo.
  43. Go snow-shoeing.
  44. Try canning.
  45. Learn to French braid my own hair.
  46. Make my own jam.
  47. Make my own cheese.
  48. Go wine-tasting in Napa.
  49. Try microbrewing.
  50. Speak at an academic conference.
  51. Find a financially sustainable part-time job.
  52. See the Northern Lights.
  53. Memorize (and truly internalize) 10 poems. 
  54. Eat at a Michelin three-star restaurant. (Per Se?  French Laundry?)
  55. Go to India (preferably during Holi).
  56. Run in a race.   Run a half-marathon.  Run a marathon.
  57. Wear high heels everyday for a week.
  58. Try glass-blowing.
  59. Swim with bioluminescent plankton. 
  60. Institute weekly brunch or dinner. 
  61. Cross the equator and the international date line. 
  62. Read the complete works of William Shakespeare.
  63. Host Thanksgiving dinner.
  64. Start a writer's retreat/colony.
  65. Tour Scandinavia.